On July 13, 2008, Alex Teehee, a 20 year old father of two, was murdered in Port Charlotte, Florida.  What was initially believed to be a hit & run accident, soon became a heinous intentional act. A Grand Jury indicted the driver on vehicular homicide and manslaughter. An arrest was made. A forensic expert was commissioned to examine the circumstances of Alex’s death………which leads us to where we are today, holding the justice system accountable for protecting the rights of citizens and prosecuting those who violate our rights!


Voice mail death threats, still “new” on Alex’s cell phone, crime scene evidence gathered by the Florida Highway Patrol, medical evidence, witnesses, forensic reports & reconstruction analysis all lead to Alex Teehee receiving a severe beating prior to a vehicle strike, both resulting in severe brain injuries that he succumbed to the next morning. The Charlotte County prosecutor handling the case ignored the facts and portrayed this crime to the courts as a crime of non-intent. One day before trial, he dropped those charges against the driver, and has not pursued charges against the other two accomplices, one being the caller who left the voice mail death threats, and another message to a friend of Alex’s, “your boy is done”.  Murder is intentional, premeditated. Don’t death threats show premeditation? Isn’t crossing the road to strike the victim intentional?


Did the prosecutor change the Medical Examiner & Highway Patrol rulings that Alex Teehee was struck by a vehicle to “falling from a vehicle” because he wanted an easy trial, an easy conviction? Or did he make this into an accident for another reason? Is there a conflict of interest because one of the suspects has direct family ties to Charlotte County Law Enforcement?  IS JUSTICE BEING DENIED??


What would YOU think if this happened to your loved one?

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  1. Peter Jung says:

    I grew up in Englewood and have family in Port Charlotte and North Port, they recently saw your signs around town regarding Alex and brought his case to my attention. I currently represent a non-profit organization called “Who Killed Me?”; we work with families around the country to help solve and bring closure due to homicide. Using a network of volunteers more than 1000 strong and a television show in development, we have resources extending well beyond local law enforcement, we also have experience dealing with red tape brought on by local government.

    With the families blessing, we’d like to help with Alex’s case.

    I’m frequently in your area and would like to speak with you in person. Most likely, we’d start with an open letter to the DA’s office regarding Looseman. We typically involve the local press as well; it’s important that the case stay in front of everyone to flush out those involved.

    Feel free to contact me at your convenience,
    Peter Jung

    • Karen says:

      Everyone should be thankful to have people like you in their lives. I am happy to see there are still good people out there who are willing to stand up for what is right. You should be very proud, as we are of you.

  2. Larry says:

    Justice for Alex and his family is a MUST.

    • admin says:

      It is a MUST. Too hard to go on with a normal life, knowing who killed your son, gone forever, and knowing no one is doing a thing about it. Those held to higher standards are failing miserably and no one is there to hold them accountable.

  3. Jeff says:

    I just watched the Dr. Phil show regarding this case. It’s unbelievable that the authorities haven’t filed the charges, prosecuting the scumbag, got the conviction, and filed it away.

    If there was ever any doubt about this case that family on the show cleared everything up. That boy is GUILTY!! Ooops…in my opinion, of course.

    Why is there no activity on this site?

    • A says:

      I am curious as to who he had any issues with. I am in a similar investigation and want to know facts. Contact me at my email if anyone hears me.

  4. Tami Hernandez says:

    I seen this show on Dr. Phil and those guilty people make me sick.Rob and his family and Michael should already be in prison.I am so sorry for your loss.

    • Nancy says:

      I think Rob is guilty too. His family didn’t help him. They made it worse and he won’t take a polygraph.

  5. JB says:

    Your appearance on Dr. Phil really proved your case. I hope you get justice for the loss of your son.

  6. Linda Dalzell says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I must say after watching your story on the Dr. Phil Show, Rob Luceman is guilty in Alex’s death. Hopefully, someone out there will locate the missing witness and turn him in. Stay strong!

  7. Jessica says:

    It’s very obvious the whole Loosman family know exactly what happened.. They basically don’t want to deal with consequences of there son/brothers involvement. I am so sorry for your loss and lack of Justice. His pour babies will grow up without him.

  8. Jeremy says:

    I hope justice prevails for Alex!!!

  9. Tammy says:

    Justice for Alex is a must. I watched the Dr. Phil
    Show and like Dr. Phil I believe they incriminated
    Themselves more by being less than forthcoming
    To questions. If you’ve nothing to hide then a lie
    Detecter test shouldn’t be a problem. My boyfriend
    And I spent a lot of time discussing this case
    After the show. I’m wondering if perhaps Rob
    And his family may be protecting the real person(s)
    Responsible for Alex’s death and have chosen to protect
    Them in fear for the lives of their family. Perhaps
    Rob was there as a passenger and witnessed the
    Events of that night and the party(s) responsible
    Have made threats of harm or simply testafying
    To the fact that that Rob was there, the car is his
    So he was the driver. My thoughts are that anyone
    in that vehicle that night must be found and more
    Intense interviews must be performed. My hopes are
    that the staff and Dr. Phil will stay involved and
    The ones in hiding are found.
    My heart is deeply saddened
    For Alex and his family and my thoughts and prayers
    Are with his family. I do pray they will find justice
    For Alex and can find some closure.
    God Bless and Keep You!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for caring! Yes, they need to do more interviews. We have all the evidence that shows who was where in the vehicle, etc. IT went to the day before trial and was dismissed due to the STate not subpoenaing the other two boys that they should have also charged! We believe this lack of responsibility was intentional, therefore not having to take this to trial. He has since closed the case, why would he do that if he just couldn’t find the other two boys, which one was on probation, and the other had an attorney and mom/brother in law enforcement for the same county! The questionable handling of Alex’s case by the Asst St Atty is what kept any justice from being served, and is still standing in the way of justice. Alex lost his vioce and his rights the day he died. :-(

      • Heidi says:

        I’m still reading the comments, but call the first commenter and take them up on their offer, this guy is guilty as hell! I am very interested myself in speaking w you @Peterjung #peterjung !! Please

      • Di says:

        There is absolutely no doubt that he guilty, that, is as clear as crystal!
        Rob and his family are obviously narrcasist sociopaths. No regrets, no regards, no guilt! I truly do hope and pray that justice will eventually prevail!

    • Nancy says:

      No, they couldn’t answer the questions because it will incriminate their son, brother. He’s guilty.

  10. Tami says:

    After seeing this case on the Dr. Phil it is so obviousthat this Rob kid is not telling the truth….and his family is just as guilty for hiding the truth. I was wondering as I watched if Rob’s sister might have a relationship withthe boy they refused to bring on the show. She defended him more than she did her brother. How could Rob’s family think this other boy didn’t need to come on the show….when he is the one who implicated Rob as the killer. Thats just it, what would they have done if
    they brought the other boy to the show? He may have beenpressured to tell the truth. I imagine they are “keeping” this other boy financially to keep him from coming forward.

    • J says:

      Wow that is so true. The sister went on and on about not phoning the guy and the mother and her he stayed with us on and off. Plus gotta love the mother and her we have a lawsuit pending. Then their own lawyer immediately answers No there is no lawsuit pending. Clearly a family of liars. Feel for Alex’s family and especially his 2 children with no dad. Hope the teehee family get justice because it is obvious Rob needs to go to jail.

  11. Val says:

    Just watched your story on Dr. Phil today. Unbelievable that nothing is being done about this. Is it true that one of the kids has a relative that is involved in law enforcement? If so, I would sense a cover-up.

    Looks like you have tremendous support but what can we do to get the ball rolling? Put pressure on law enforcement? What is the best way we can get justice for Alex?

  12. Lori says:

    Im so sorry for you loss. I watched Dr. Phil today, I was shocked that Rob and his family are not in prision. I hope you get justice for Alex.

  13. Scott says:

    I’m from Canada and just watched the Dr. Phil episode. Never have I been so angered by any program. Ralph Looseman is so obviously guilty it makes me sick. His mother is an obvious liar and the sister made me wanna puke. I hope their lives are made a living hell until Ralph is in jail. They obviously hid the witnesses from the courts and should be charged with obstruction of justice. Ralph was never tried and double jeopardy does not apply so he can be tried.
    My prayers are with the Teehee family. They need justice!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your support! We have had many Canadians send in their sympathies and support. You guys must be great people up there! Maybe someday when justice IS served, we can move there! Thank you for your prayers!

  14. Michele says:

    First I would like to say I am so sorry for your lose. Losing a family member is never easy. But losing Alex they way you did is just terrible. After watch the Dr. Phil show it is clear the more is known by that family than they are willing to tell. And shame on the local law enforcement and prosecutors for allowing this murder to go unpunished. I will be praying for your family to get closure and Justice for Alex.

  15. Sue-Sue Hammond says:

    My heart is broken for this family and the two young babies that are now faced with growing up without their Daddy. I would ask them (if they can) to step outside the box for just a minute… While yesterday’s Dr. Phil episode certainly confirmed to them and the world that their loved one was killed deliberately and that the Loosman family should ALL be charged with obstruction of justice at a minimum…… I think the key to the episode was the comment that the Loosman attorney made…. It appeared that Dr. Phil did not pick up on this (which I’m sure he did) but when Alex’s sister asked the attorney why Rob couldn’t take a lie detector, he responded by saying your family have not asked him to speak with you privately; to which she responded, why would we, he won’t even speak to investigators to which the attorney said…. why do you think that is, then went on to say the more the Teehee family push them for answers the more they will push their right to be silent (I’m paraphrasing here)…… I think he was telling them that the Loosmans would speak with them WITHOUT investigators present; I’m sure perhaps with their respective attorneys. There is no doubt that they are hiding key information, the fact that Matt (3rd kid in car) is the brother of a deputy in that town, the fact that their car was located the next morning at a car wash SPOTLESS and coincidentally repossessed…. the fact that Rob went on the run for 6 months, it’s so cut and dry…. Where is Governor Scott on all this? Heck I’d be calling the FBI due to the obvious police department & state attorney’s negligence. Either way, this cold case is warming back up! God Bless the Teehee’s for their determination and strength to keep pressing on….

    • admin says:

      Governor Scott says it is not his job to question the actions of a state attorney. He only appoints another jurisdiction to take a case if the STate ATtorney requests it. The FBI says they only look into things if there is proof of a bribe. The case is warming up, and HOPE is on the horizon! Maybe that mom who cried over her son being gone a month will shed many more tears, because the Teehee son is gone forever because of her son!

  16. Teresa says:

    There needs to be justice for the Tehee’s family. And after hearing Lenora Louceman’s being so defensive, I had this urge to reach through my tv and B#$% her. That whole family acts guilty. And the witnesses disappears so they can’t give a statement, I though how convienent. Personally I think the entire Louceman clan needs to be locked up.

  17. ME says:

    I have lived in Port Charlotte now for almost 25 years and it makes me so mad that the local law enforcement has not allowed justice to prevail for the Teehee family!! It made me sick to my stomach to watch the lies spill from the lips of Rob, his family, and his lawyer!
    Please know that people in this community BELIEVE that Rob is guilty…DO NOT give up this fight!

  18. J. Ty says:

    Alex’s family could get a lawyer and file a civil suit against Rob Loosman and his family as Alex’s family may get more information during the civil trial that then can be used as evidence in criminal court. I have seen this done successfully and it may work for this case too. My heart goes out to Alex’s family and I truly hope there is a resolution soon for them. After seeing the Dr. Phil show it is clear that members of the Loosman family are tampering with the “missing” witness Michael Sylvester and Should be charged for that as well. Godspeed to Alex’s family in their quest for the truth and to see justice served.

  19. Sandi says:

    I watched this on the Dr Phil show, I cannot believe how ignorant our justice system is, I pray Rob will be brought to justice, if it doesn’t happen in our life time, it will be brought by the one and only true Judge our Lord God. Terribly sorry for your family, I am angered by what I watched and truly hope for peace. Terrible society we live in when a mother teaches her own son it’s ok to murder and get away with it, it is very obvious they all know he did it or answer the questions, even the lawyer beleives he did it.

  20. carm says:

    WOW. Just looked at Dr. Phil. This kid Rob’s mother couldn’t be in more denial. She doesn’t know that her kid was known for having a bat in the car or carrying an AK? I mean, there was a mention of an AK on the voicemail? Those witnesses have to be found, because it is clear that Rob’s family would rather protect him than stand up for justice. Everyone should want to know the truth.

    Rob’s mom is going end up in the nuthouse when her son is finally locked up. I have never seen someone that blind in my life.

    I hope you get justice soon! Keep up the fight for your son. No matter what.

  21. Troy Dahl says:

    Dear Teehee Family, I watched the Dr Phil show and want so bad to talk with your greiving family. I do believe as you do after watching the show. It is apparent the only thing thats will move this forward is the full disclosure of the missing witness. But more important to me is to advise you all in your deepest hour of pain. In 2001 my sister was “murdered” by her husband. He plead the fifth and she had severe head injuries and was left on the road to die. I did exactly what you are all doing. went on tv, went to raido shows ect.. the husband is still free and never charged due to police investigation errors. I want so badly to be sure to advise you to keep on this and at the same time looking back on my tradgic loss, please remember to keep your sanity and love the memory of your son, brother ect… I got and am still so commited to getting the truth even now 12 years later that i was letting the process destroy me mentally and emotionally and the people who are still alive around me were suffering because i was so full of hate and hurt. Please do all you can to get justice and please give yourself comfort along the way so you have a healthy heart and mind going through this. I am a legal investigator by trade and would be willing to help do some locating of individuals if you need help. But again please know Ive been exactly where you are and it is the worst pain you will ever know but you have to mourn and be loving to yourself so you process this all with healing at the same time. I swore I would never rest or heal until i got justice but i still havent got justice for my sisters death but I had to pull back a little to allow myself to not destroy myself with hatred…Love you guys all and take care.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your kind words of advice. Yes, murder does destroy a family, a mother, a father. I’m sure we would be really bad if we did not have his beautiful son’s to force us to continue life as normal as possible. Where are you an investigator at? Thank you again for caring and helping us.

  22. laine says:

    Unbelievable!!!!!! I saw the Dr. Phil show and I can not believe that nothing is being done about this. It is obvious that the mother and sister are lying. How would the mother feel if this had been her son or daughter. I hope someone comes in and helps the Teehee family and get them the justice they so deserve. No family should have to go through this. People that commit crimes have been found guilty with less evidence than what was demonstrated on Dr. Phils’ show. I think if anyone can flush out the truth it is definitely DR. PHIL. May God bring the family peace and justice and I hope God brings the Luceman’s some sense.

  23. Linda says:

    I wonder if the two witnesses are even alive. Robs family are obviously douchebags and I wonder if they had the witnesses killed.

    • Jess says:

      They are indeed still alive.. which is sad.. other wise i would understand why the case is closed.. but they are still out living their lives while alex’s family is just trying to get by and cope.

  24. Linda says:

    I think Robs douche bag family could have killed the witnesses. The dad looks like a criminal and so does the mother. I think if their mouth is moving they are lying.

  25. outraged says:

    I just watched the Dr. Phil show. I am outraged! Did I hear that he cannot be tried for this murder??? Yes, he was arrested and charged. But the charges were dropped. He was not tried and acquitted. He was only charged. That does not constitute “Double Jeopardy”. A person can be charged more than once for the same crime. But they cannot be tried for it more than once. I hope that they find these other witnesses. This is ridiculous! Almost 5 years later and nothing? And the people on there are definitely hiding something. I feel so sorry for Alex’s family. All they want is the truth. And they sure didn’t get any of that on the show!!! I will pray that justice is done for Alex. I will pray that someone can step up and tell the truth and then the guilty person can pay for it. And I will pray for Alex’s family. They have suffered such a loss.

  26. Ralph's sister is in love with one of em... says:

    First thought I had when his sister opened her mouth about the Sylvester man was…”oh…they f******”. Straight up you don’t defend a man like that unless he’s your man. I heard one of the suspects sisters had a baby not too long ago…wonder if it was her and mike. And the tricarico boys brother is a cop. I think rob or Ralph or whatever was playing thug and got caught up. Or…his mama/parents are involved with the drug side and are protecting their investments. Why would they hide these ‘witnesses’? What do they have on them other than this accident that can implicate them all? I think it is either a baby/relationship with the sister and/or some incriminating info on more than just rob/Ralph. And the law enforcement connections are also iffy…is it possible someone was an informant? Or has info on some law enforcement as well? This should be externally investigated…how small of a town is this place?

  27. Beth says:

    Lord have mercy on the family of Rob! You people are completely
    Delusional. Thank god they will be judged in the after life!

  28. Robin Honaker says:

    I just watched this story on Dr. Phil, I am convinced without a doubt that this boy is guilty as hell, I took particular notice to his “opening” comment to the Teehee family and it sounded very rehearsed and coached! Also why did Rob’s Mother start off with a lie, she said she SOLD her car when in fact it was repossesed, wheather or not it was sold or repossesed didn’t make a difference so why lie about that, then she said there was a legal action going on and her own attorney said there was no legal action pending! She obviously was trying to avoid answering direct questions from Dr. Phil.
    I pray the Teehee family gets the justice they and their son deserve! Please don’t give up and keep fighting for the truth!

  29. Renay Troiano says:

    I saw the Dr. Phil episode about your son/brother. I very sorry for your loss. It is impossible to comprehend what you are feeling. It is however blantantly obviously that Loosman is guilty.

    There is an organization the called Vidocq Society that may be of help to you. They are forensic professionals and motivated private citizens who, as a public service, donate deductive, scientific and other talents for the common good. http://www.vidocq.org/

    Good luck to you all and I hope you can find some closure. Thankfully Alex had children and he will live on through them.

    Warm regards

    • admin says:

      thank you so much for caring, and for that information. I looked them up, and if you are involved in anything “bad” then they will not help you. :-(

  30. Joseph R. Nonemaker says:

    My sincere condolences to the Teehee family. The actions of the authorities in this case are apalling. Dr. Phil should have asked Rob’s mother this simple question when she said ‘he could never do anything like that’….”Where you there?” Further, in studying “Rob” it is very evident to me that he is a sociopath and has the potential of being very dangerous if left free in this society. His family are a bunch of ‘screwballs’ especially his mother and his goofy ‘bleeding heart’ sister is not far behind. AN INDEPENDENT PROSECUTOR SHOULD BE ASSIGNED TO THIS CASE AND A RETRIAL EVENTUATED.

  31. Some one in Surprise AZ says:

    I saw the show. I wish I had known before I used his family to do my car.

  32. Joe says:

    I used his family to fix my car in Surprise Az. Wish I had known before

  33. Bill Barry says:

    I must be missing something. In N.H. there is no statute of limitation for murder. This case never went to trial. If the prosecutor could not find some witnesses for this case, then he most certainly should have dropped the charges, with the understanding that it will/could be brought forward in the future.
    If the witnesses could not be found at the time of the trial, then the prosecutor should have had some of the best detectives he could find to locate these witnesses and put them in jail as hostile witnesses until the trial is over. Also, they should have charged Ralph’s family with witness tampering for allegedly hiding at least one witness.
    Alex’s family should also have the case moved to another jurisdiction because of a possible conflict with one of the person’s allegedly involved in this case. If in fact one of the witnesses brother is a Deputy Sheriff then this case should be moved.
    It is also very easy to track down people. (if you want to)
    This prosecutor has a boss. Climb that ladder until you get justice. It will be interesting to find out why the prosecution is so much against prosecuting this case.
    I wish you the best. Don’t give up!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Your paragraph says it all! And you don’t even know ALL we have had to deal with! We are shocked at the justice system. We can’t find the person who is responsible for the actions of the State Attorney’s office. It seems they hold some kind of ultimate power. Any suggestions? Everyone is passing the buck.

  34. Gabrielle McCarthy says:

    Just watched dr Phil. Rob Loosman is so obviously guilty in the death of Alex that it is criminal that charges have not yet been filed against him and also his family for obstruction of justice. And THEY have a pending lawsuit against Alex’s family. My props to Alex’s family for being able to sit and listen to those babbling idiots go on and on with their lies with their tempers in check. The ONLY thing I can say in defense of that Robert Loosman (and his mom for that matter) is that they seem to have the intellectual capacity of a box of rocks. Still. Guilty is guilty and if I hadn’t seen and listened to these ridiculous Loosman’s on dr. Phil; I’d NEVER have believed it. Don’t worry Alex’s family. Justice WILL prevail. Keep up the good fight!

  35. Katie says:

    The Dr. Phil show has caught my interest along with many others. We want to help fight for Alex’s justice. Let us know what we can do to help. I pray God only you know what truly has happened and we ask that justice would be serve. You who are the Judge of all we ask that in Jesus name you would reign over this case and allow justice to be served. Your thoughts are higher than ours and your plans are bigger than ours and we trust in you and thank you for being the judge of all! Amen! God is faithful!

    • admin says:

      If you know anyone in the legal field, any advice to fight this injustice. You can also call or write the Governor of Florida (google for info or I can provide it)Governor Scott, they will send you a generic email saying it is not their responsibility to question the actions of the State Attorney. Well, whose is it? Because this has been covered up, and with the conflict of interest because one boy has family ties (mom and brother) to county law enforcement, it makes us have reasonable doubt that this will ever go to trial. The Assistant St Atty completely mishandled this case, and our faith has faltered. He says to reopen it we need more evidence, although it was dismissed because he didn’t bother to subpoena the other two suspects. Why would you need more evidence now? Plus, the highway patrol, who were lead investigators due to a vehicle being involved, asked for assistance from the state attorney in getting subpoenas for dna etc. and the state attorney declined, then closed the case. Why would you decline that request, if you need more evidence? They don’t need more evidence. Experts have reviewed everything, and there should have been arrests! You can also call or email the local State Attorney’s office and the Asst State Attorney’s office, although Don Mason the ASst ST atty for Charlotte Co. is no longer there, he is a judge! Shannon Doolity is head ASA Charlotte Co. and Steve Russell is over the whole 20th judicial circuit. Thanks for any help and let us know what they tell you! I believe we are fighting a lot more than what Dr Phil could tell you all.

      Office of Governor Rick Scott
      State of Florida
      The Capitol
      400 S. Monroe St.
      Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
      (850) 488-7146

      Lee County: (239) 533-1000

      Charlotte County
      State Attorney’s Office
      350 E. Marion Avenue
      Punta Gorda, Florida 33950
      (941) 637-2104
      Office Head: Shannon L. Doolity

  36. Shell says:

    Google Micheal Sylvester arrest picture and lets find the missing link. He looks demonic!

  37. B H S andR W S says:

    There is no question in our minds that Rob and his family know what happened and are hiding the wittnesses. We hope and pray that the Teehee family will have justice soon. It is so obvious that Rob knows exactly what happen and his mother and sister are covering for him.

  38. Cara says:

    I just watched the Dr Phil show. When I first started watching it, I truely had know idea if Rob killed Alex. But as soon as Rob’s family came on…it proved it…they know something and I think its that Rob killed Alex. Why wouldn’t they want Sylvester kid to come on the show and clear Robs name…they are scared he’ll tell the truth again. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope justice is served. It disguists me that there is no case and the cops aren’t doing anything to help you guys. Best Wishes I will be praying for your family!

  39. jr. says:

    It truly breaks my heart that such a caring & loving family lost their son.. IDC what he was experiencing with at the time , NOONE deserves to be murdered. He left behind two beautiful boys who are a spitting image of him.. I pray they find justice & sooner than later <3 Teehee family stay strong.. ALWAYS here for you! =)

  40. Jacqueline Hunter says:

    Justice for Alex and his family Is a must!

  41. Susan says:

    I commend your family for remaining calm, asking valid questions, and letting the facts tell the story on Dr. Phil’s show. It is with this level headed determination that the truth will finally come out…and ultimately justice, I am convinced of that. God bless you all in your pursuit of this truth in the face of such strong obstacles. Alex would be proud of your loving actions.

  42. Barbara says:

    How’s this for describing the Looseman Family – They are all “Sociopaths”.
    I looked up the Definition which includes:
    1. Pathological Lying – they have no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.
    2. Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
    3. Callousness/Lack of Empathy – Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress.
    My heart really and truly does hurt for your family. I too have lost my son (in a car accident) & so I really understand the devastating pain you feel. But I can’t imagine though if another human being actually took my son’s life. I would really struggle with forgiveness especially if the killer was denying his deeds. I am so praying to my God that you guys get this back into our ‘no-so-terrific’ court system. Seems like the courts are all about the criminals – not the victims and their families. Why is that???

  43. anonymous says:


  44. kristi says:

    I’ve had this on my mind since seeing the Dr Phil show in Feb. After googling info I found and read the arrest report and I AN BLOWN AWAY! (I googled Loosman’s name this morning and saw he’d been arrested in Vegas on 4-11 for posession of cocaine- unless there’s another 24 yr old white male with that name) I recognize that the show could have spent a months worth of shows and not be able to cover all of the damning evidence but WOW… how did the truck just get labeled “repoed” and leave out that it was abandoned after being thoroughly cleaned at a car wash? Man, my husband and I both felt that Loosman’s mom and sister did more to make him look guilty than anyone, while Alex’s family handled themselves with more dignity and composure than I could ever imagine. I hate that you have not had your day in court because there is always the possibility he’d be acquitted, at least you’d have had the opportunity to present your case. I hope one day soon that chance is before you. God bless

  45. Aussie Jo says:

    The Dr Phil program just aired here in Oz and it definitely raises a lot of questions as to the innocence of Rob.
    I know you will never give up searching for justice for Alex and I applaude you all for this. I’m so sorry to here of your loss and the search for justice which still dominates your grieving process.
    Much love from Australia……

  46. Mel says:

    Firstly, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I cannot even comprehend what you must be going through. They have just played the Dr Phil show here in Australia, and it is the first time I heard of the case. It is so obvious that there is more known by the Luceman family than what is being said. And from the show, it appears the Mom has everything “under control”. I have only met one other person in my life that has the same style personality of Luceman’s Mom, and I agree with Barbara (February 26, 2013 at 2:36 pm) the term “Sociopath” fits very well. It can be very difficult to get passed those types of people as they always seem to know what to say, and what not to say. I am hoping since the taping of Dr Phil, as it is usually quite old by the time we get here :) that you have managed to move forward with the case, and have been able to locate the missing “friend” of Robs that seems to be necessary for this investigation. I wish you all the very best in your cause. Do not give up! Persistence pays off! At the very least I wish justice and closure for you all.

  47. Melissa says:

    Just seen this story on Dr Phill in Austalia. My heart goes out to Alex’s family. Rob’s entire family appear guilty and I cannot believe justice hasn’t been served already.. Look forward to the day Loosemans whole family are behind bars.

  48. michelle fox says:

    i have just watched the show myself so sorry for your loss im guessing there all still in hiding an ur no more closer to them telling the truth :(

  49. Veronica says:

    First of all I am so sorry for your loss.

    This Dr Phil program aired in Sydney, Australia today (27 May 2013) and after the program finished my first thoughts were that Rob Luceman was so guilty. His family are obviously protecting Rob Luceman, but his mother and sister are not helping him at all.

    I am a great believer in karma, and the truth and justice always prevails in the end!

    God Bless You All! Are

  50. Lee says:

    I am amazed at how well your family handled yourself under such circumstances. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I absolutely believe the Looseman family are covering for Rob and hiding Michael because of their own fear. I don’t think it’s a leap to consider they are involved in underworld activities and that those activities cross paths with corrupt law enforcement also, who are all worried this thing will bring them down. I hope the Dr Phil show was able to bring about some new opportunities to prosecute these criminals. This cover-up has involved a multi-tier approach. I pray you will soon know the truth and throughout all the pain of this, will be able to have some peace.

  51. Andrea says:

    I just finished watching the Dr. Phil episode for the second time, and like everyone else who has commented here, I found it to be the closest thing to solid evidence that anyone could hope to get from an interview. The Lucemans know what happened, which is why their main defense is that “there’s no evidence.” People who aren’t guilty do not automatically throw themselves into the “you can’t prove it” gear when someone raises a question about their involvement. Robert’s statements were rehearsed and they weren’t even the least bit genuine. I wanted to reach through the screen and smack him when he said he was sorry for what HIS family had to go through. His family? What about yours? No, innocent people don’t think that way, plain and simple.

    I also found it interesting that his mother claimed that he had come home at exactly 11:18, which is also the exact time that the first 911 call was placed (if I heard that correctly). What are the chances of that being a coincidence? I mean….come on.

    I was so sickened at the way that the mother was smirking throughout almost the entire interview. It was such a smug look….just sickening.

    I pray that your family and your sweet Alex get the justice that you deserve. I know that you cannot get your son back, and my heart just breaks for you because of that, but there IS something that can be done, and it just has to be. Robert Lucemen deserves to be in prison for a long, long time.

  52. Stef says:

    To the family of Alex: Fight t’ill your last breath and get justice for you brother!

  53. jessica g says:

    Just saw the show in new Zealand. I am so sorry for your loss.
    I truely believe Robert is guilty his mum and sister know it too.was so hard to watch

  54. Tania says:

    The Dr Phil aired in New Zealand today (9th July) and I was so moved by this tragic situation and wanted to write to you. You are such a beautiful family and I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son and brother but also for the terrible time you are having getting justice. It broke my heart to see what you have been through and continue to go through. You showed such grace and dignity – I was in awe of you and will be praying that you get the answers and the closure you need.

    I too believe having watched the show that Rob and his family have the answers you need. To deny a lie detector clearly indicates he has something to hide.

    Don’t give up your fight for justice. The world needs more people like you.

    God bless you xx

  55. Karen says:

    Saw the Dr Phil episode. I live in the UK so I don’t hear a lot of the American news stories but this one broke my heart. Do you guys have a Twitter or something where it would be easier to keep up with information especially as I am on the go so much. Hope you get the truth soon xx

    • admin says:


      Thanks so much for your kind words! The support from the UK, Australia, New zealand, Sweden, all over Europe has been very comforting and we are happy that you have had the opportunity to hear our story. We don’t use twitter much, do you use facebook? You can look up Alex Teehee or Carol Teehee on Facebook. Today is 5 years since our beloved son was taken from us. We will never give up! Thanks

  56. Jadie says:

    Hello, I just seen this on Dr. Phil, and I think that was the most powerfull thing you could of done! Im British but I live in Norway(nextdoor to Sweden), I dont have alot of money to spare so I could only donate $2, hope that is ok :-)
    Just wanted to say I hope you get justice for Alex, Obviously I did not know him but noone deserves to go like that. I lived in a Apartment complex of 7 appartments, and back in october 2011 there was a beating like this, and he also died.
    I will pray for you and your family, never give up! You people are ever so strong! Hugs from accross the miles!

  57. lizzy says:

    wow, just watched the episode, that luceman guy is the biggest derp in the universe, he knows, his parents know, his snobby sister knows, noticed when he was asked for mike’s number, the sister and mother jumped in with some excuse, hugs and support from oz

  58. Nina says:

    I’m truly sorry for your loss, a devastating story that sincerely left me flabbergasted at the injustice of it all – I wish you and your family the continued strength to search for the truth you so clearly deserve…

  59. Lyndsey Clancy says:

    Just watched the Dr Phil show in Dublin, Ireland its an absolute disgrace that this family have gotten away with hiding witnesses. How in this day & age can witnesses disappear??? & where are these people’s moral conscience?? My deepest condolences and thoughts go out to you all I hope you get justice for Alex soon. Thinking of u all. Big hugs xxx

  60. Sharon says:

    Just watched Dr. Phil in Ireland today. God bless ye all, cant imagine the frustration and hurt ye feel every day, I felt it just watching the Luceman family for 50 minutes. I pray justice will come soon , for ye, for Alex (R.i.p.) and his beautiful sons xxx

  61. Therese says:

    I’m from Ireland and just saw the Dr. Phil show. My sincere condolences on the loss of your son. I’m a mother and it has to be every mothers’ worst nightmare to see her child die first.
    I hope someone, somewhere, will have the honour to come forward and tell the truth. Your son deserves to rest in peace.

  62. Ohood says:

    Im from Kuwait and 17 yo, i saw the Dr.phil episode…i honestly believe that Rob did do it! and i am disgusted by the fact that a killer is still free and not in jail. he stole alex’s youth and life from him and i hope…i hope that Robert luceman gets what he deserves for killing sweet alex.
    i know you can not get alex back and i’m so sorry for that but keep doing what you’re doing and don’t give up because justice will be served.
    Rest in peace sweet alex. Justice will be served…justice will be served.

  63. Lala says:

    Your visit to dr. Phil was broadcasted in Holland as well, I am shocked to find out that the case has not been solved yet, when- in my opinion- the answer is so clear! I wish your family all the strenght, and hope somebody will cave in and fi ally start speaking. You deserve to finally get all the answers to find peace.

  64. fromholland says:

    I’m from Holland and I just watched the Dr. Phil show on TV.
    I was so shocked by the whole story that I wanted to see if by now justice had been served. But unfortunately I see that there still hasn’t been a conviction.
    I truly wish you will find justice. I’m so sorry for your loss!
    I wish you all the best. And in my opinion Rob is definitely guilty or at least withholding information.

    Take care!

  65. Jeroen says:

    I’m from Holland and I watched the Dr. Phil show about this subject. That Rob guy is guilty I think. I’m a Dutch vet and worked a lot with people and bad guys, his body language and his eyes are saying he’s telling lies.

  66. ST says:

    Just saw the case on the doctor phill show in The Netherlands (Holland)
    It was very strange how Rob and his family behaved!
    I mean: if he can clear his name, then take the polygraph.
    By not doing this he can’t prove he is innocent to the world
    And most of all; it gives the feeling he is hiding something.
    The sister of Rob was even more weird.
    She did not say much and when she did, she was just not polite.
    Also by hiding Sylvester makes their defense weak.
    Everything together makes that they will always be haunted with the
    Story that Rob killed Alex! Only a polygraph can clear his name!

  67. denise says:

    I just saw the show, I live in the Netherlands. My heart goes out to you and my sincere condolences for you and your family. I pray that who killed your son is going to feel such a burden on his heart and he will come forward and tell the truth. Never give up fighting, justice will be done! GBY

  68. marc commu says:

    Het is schandalig dat de zus en de moeder van Robert luceman hem zo verdedigen! Zij weten net zo goed als ieder ander dat ze niet onder de feiten vandaan komen!
    Nog erger is dat ze hem het hand boven het hoofd houden en zich totaal niet verplaatsen in de familie teehee!
    Als dit de familie luceman was overkomen hadden ze ook het onderste uit de kan gehaald en een soort klopjacht gestart naar de dader!
    De dader ligt voor het grijpen open de zaak en leg de feiten bij elkaar dan zie je dat je uitkomt bij ROBERT LUCEMAN!!!

    • admin says:

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to write. We took the liberty to translate your words to english! Your words in any language ring true!

      It is outrageous that the sister and the mother of Robert luceman so defend him! They know as well as anyone else that they do not come under the facts!
      Even worse is that they love him the hand above the head and totally not move in the family teehee!
      If this had happened to the family luceman they had reached the bottom of the barrel and a kind manhunt launched for the culprit!
      The perpetrator is up for grabs open the case and put the facts together, you see that you reach ROBERT LUCEMAN!!

  69. Sasha says:

    Watched the Dr Phil episode in England. Praying for the Teehee family. I hope one day there will be justice for Alex.

  70. Anonymous says:

    I met ralph a few months back…he told me the story…the whole story I don’t know if it’s my place to say anything if I’m putting myself in danger by posting it but its not right…if theirs anyone that wants to ask me about what he told me happened that night that may have not been told before im an email away….whatever you think did happen that night is probably exactly what he told me

  71. Debbie Garcia says:

    Bring justice to Alex Teehee.

  72. Diva-X says:

    Just seen the Dr Phil Show.
    Surely as “his gift to you” and I mean both families, Dr Phil could get his special investigator FBI guys/contacts to locate the missing witnesses and bring them to the Dr Phil Show. So that Rob & his family can “clear” their name (supposedly) and so that Alex’s family get to hear the truth? that seems like a possible solution to me.

  73. Kathryn Aldrich says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to your family, especially Alex’s kids. Please let the kids know many people are praying for them.

  74. Connor says:

    I come all the way from Scotland and I must say that your story is very sad. I saw the Dr.phil episode that people have mentioned and Rob is obviously guilty. Just watching the little rat faced moron speak made me want to punch his face in. the only comfort I can give you, is that one day he will be brought to justice.

    I wish you all the luck in the world.

  75. Bjorn says:

    Just a thought, was the car damaged? How many days was it between recovery of the vehicle and the “accident”?

    If he was hit in high speed there would be obvious “markings” on the car? Had he connections that would repair a vehicle in above time?

  76. Evan says:

    Dont give up hope!

  77. Jennifer says:

    I just watched Dr Phil and saw this sad story. Young people have no idea what kind of world they are getting caught up in when they experiment with drugs or friends or trying to “find themselves”. They’re so innocent compared to the evil that is out there trying to draw them in and trap them. These kids have absolutely no idea what kind of cruel people lurk about. My heart goes out to the Teehee’s and other families that are going similar heart ache. This world has gotten so ugly. My prayers are with you guys.

  78. Katherine says:

    Robert looked so smug and guilty! I hope you guys find justice. That Luceman family seemed weird!!!

  79. Jerry I says:

    If this other witness or two can’t be found would one assume or consider the possibility that they could be dead? It seems to me that one murder has already taken place so….I pray you get the peace you deserve and the answers you seek. I saw your sign leaving the Walmart here in northport my prayers to the family

  80. Shannon says:

    I am terribly sorry for the Teehee family’s loss of their son.
    I’m in Canada & have watched the Dr. Phil episode through youtube today.
    I am incredibly disgusted with the Luceman family’s utter disregard for the Teehee’s sorrow. It amazes me that these people are determined to hide the truth, it’s as obvious as hell that Rob is guilty, they are hiding the witness and the rest of their family is unbelievably defensive. The voicemails alone speak volumes on who, what, when & where! The immediate cleaning and then sale/repo of the vehicle. I would have loved to see that guilty little psycho hooked up to a polygraph. The only person that rob could look at for a period of time was Dr. Phil. Other then hime he could not look the Teehee’s in the face let alone eyes. This is an incredible injustice and its obvious that there has been evidence tampering. A gross cover up. Whete is the witness?! They know how to get ahold of him but wont say?! The luceman’s are liars & criminals and should be persecuted from rob to his sister & parents. I hope the truth finally comes out and true justice gets served.

  81. Cheryl Cleeve says:

    First of all, I am VERY sorry for your loss. It’s bad enough to lose a child, but, to lose a child to murder and have that murderer walking the streets is beyond devastating, I’m sure.

    I, too, am from Canada. I watched the Dr. Phil show and I’m appalled that this person is not in prison for abuse and murder, along with his family for obstruction of justice. I don’t think they know the meaning of the word, ‘truth’ because all they did was lie.

    The fact that this little %$^#& is getting away with murder because his partner in crime has a family in law enforcement makes me livid. I don’t even live in your country and I’m appalled by this miscarriage of justice. Everyone, all the way up to the State Attorney should be charged with obstruction of justice. There just has to be someone out there who can help you put these people where they belong. What is with the justice system in the U.S.?

    Usually, when kids are not made accountable for their actions by their parents, they turn out to be kids who think they can do as they please, regardless of the crime. These boys are perfectly capable of murdering a family member or one of the State Attorney’s children. How will all these ‘upstanding citizens’ in law enforcement feel then if one of THEIR children are murdered? It would serve everyone involved right if they had to feel the pain that the Teehee’s are feeling.

    When Rob gave you his sympathy, I wanted to throw up. I was totally disgusted that he could be that disrespectful knowing that he’s responsible for your son’s death. He didn’t do that on his own. His lawyer told him to do that, thinking that people would fall for that crap. That lawyer is just as much a scumbag as this family. I hope the people of your town are making life miserable for the Luceman’s. They deserve it.

    I read you mention to another Canadian that you’d like to move to Canada after all of this is behind you. If you decide to move here, we will welcome you with open arms. Our justice system isn’t perfect, but, I believe that it’s better than in the U.S. Maybe we just hear more because of television. However, I’ve read articles where cops have had to give up their careers here because of a crime they committed. They didn’t get away with it because they were cops. I’m sure shady things have probably happened here, too, but, we rarely hear about that happening.

    Please keep us posted as to what is happening. We ALL want justice as much as the Teehee’s do! They deserve it.

  82. Lauwagie Lothaire says:

    I am from Europe-Belgium and it’s not easy to write in your language but I saw the case of your beautiful son today on you tube and I am very sorry for the loss of your brother and son!Very,very sad story!!!

  83. B. Wood says:

    I am from South Africa and I have just watched the Dr. Phil episode. I was really hoping to Google the case and see that something had come of this terrible situation. Justice will be served. I pray and hope so. Whoever did this cannot live with the guilt forever. I hope they come clean. Be strong and don’t give up!!!

  84. Helga says:

    This episode of Dr Phil has just been aired in Cape Town, South Africa. Justice will be done. Proverbs 28:17 “A man tormented by the guilt of murder will be a fugitive till death.”
    It would have been better for him if he had confessed. He goes through life in chains even though he is not in jail. The truth will set him free.

  85. I have just seen this in South Africa. I really feel sorry for the Teehee family. The Loosmans have lied so much and for so long, they actually believe their own lies.

    Unfortunately you live in a country with a questionable legal system, where criminals walk free with impunity, and innocent people have been jailed for decades. I would like to refer as an example to the O.J. Simpson case.

    The only advice I can give, is where the Law fails, you then take the Law into your own hands. Lately in my country, the only law is ‘the law of the jungle’.

  86. nivern says:

    I live in what’s considered a third world country and our justice system also has many flaws, but when I hear these stories where there is evidence, testimony and grounds to investigate more, find the other witnesses,,, its sad to say but when you hear all americans say America is the greatest nation in the world I say then we (South Africa) could also be the greatest nation as well,,, cos we have a similar justice system,,. I no I may be overstating but its very frustrating when I hear these cases both hear(in South Africa) and because we watch 80 percent american TVn in America, there is nothing people want to do to get proper jusstice,, any justice even.. I watched the DR Phil show last night and saw this case.. But as we all no this has been going on for 6 years around… Just my comment on the Dr Phil show,, I think rob or ralph wat ever his name has some involvement, his mother I think has been brainwash by her son and now belives wat comes out of her mouth, as for the sister,,, she knows the truth and will stop at nothing to defend her family.. I have only made the comment about america because I have tracked many other cases were law inforcement fail to do their jobs deliberatly due to having some sort of connection to the accused in most of the case..

  87. puleng seona says:

    I’m so sorry about your loss.. just watched Dr Phil’s show today. I’m from south africa and I could tell that rob is guilty and the rest of his dodgy family is covering for him, it just makes me sick to my stomach. I hope and pray you get justice for alex. God bless you and your family.

  88. eunice says:

    This is shocking beyond words, the lies were really flying on the Dr Phil Show (from the mother and her son) I always thought the legal system in the USA worked, certainly there is something terrible wrong here! I pray for the family of Alex.

  89. Kim Fab says:

    Has there been any new developments?
    I just watched the Dr. Phil show and am wondering if anything new has happened since the show first aired. So very sorry for your loss.

  90. Annette Lee says:

    Hi, I’m from Australia and I just saw the Dr Phil on Alex. I am heartbroken for your loss but I am also outraged. I have never been so angry watching Dr Phil. Both my husband and I watched it together and we could not believe the guilt that was oozing from Rob’s family. If he is in fact innocent like he claims he is, why would the family do so much to stop his innocence from being proved. The way he dodged questions and denied a polygraph was ridiculous. What was even more ridiculous was his mother. Dr Phil was right in saying she was the one making him look even more guilty. That family is hiding so much and that is very clear.

    I truly hope you get Justice for Alex. I would be hiring a P.I. and not letting any of those family members out of my site. Those missing witnesses need to be found!!.

    All the best to your family.

  91. Alison says:

    I just happened to watch an old Dr Phil episode on Youtube today and found the story of Alex’s murder. I am beyond stunned that your family has seen no justice for this. How do witnesses go missing and why haven’t they been located after all these years?

    I googled this story after watching the episode and was truly hoping there had been more developments. Stay strong and I sincerely wish you get the justice for Alex you so clearly deserve!

  92. Alysha Heine says:

    This is the most embarrassing representation of the American justice system. This story being aired on the Dr Phil show, though clearly will never give justice to your family showed the injutiuce of a system that is supposed to protect us. I have always been questionable about the justice system in the United States and although Id would like to say they prove otherwise this is a prime example of a absolutely faulted case. I’m proud to say I don’t think this would have ever been a debate in Canada.

    This family ‘protecting’ his son should absolutely be ashamed of themselves. Of course we want to protect those that we love but this young boy is going to grow up and I would bet at an almost certainty will end up in prison. This mother discussed how she didn’t want to ‘drag’ the main witness whom she also had in hiding which in my opinion is clearly breaching many laws has ruined his life by not letting him tell the truth and move forward. This family is brain washed and sadly sick all of those involved have and will only continue to suffer by withholding even the possibility of the truth getting out. For everyday they want to protect there son from faults they can bet there’s 100′s of more people searching for the truth and justice for this young boy. All of these boys need to be interviewed and seek therapy, sadly the mother of the alleged accused and the sister need the same therapy.

    In sum my condolences go out to the family and my utter embarrassment and shame is toward this legal system. I find it so drastically embarrassing that I could have solved this case in my grade 12 law class with minute details. This family deserves to have peace and conviction, without question it will.

    God bless this family.

  93. Tracy says:

    I just watched your appearance on Dr. Phil via YouTube and became enraged at the despicable Loosman family. I am so grossly appalled by the miscarriage of justice done to your family. Murder charges need to be brought against Loosman, Sylvester and Tricarico.

    I am so very sorry that Alex has been taken from this world and you will always have my support.

  94. daphne says:

    Was a court order ever issued for the cell phone’s tower ping records? This iinformation would have given the location every time it was used.

  95. Ta says:

    I just watched the episode concerning Alex Tehee. To say the least I am OUTRAGED. This Rob kid is GUILTY AS SIN and pray he rots in hell along with his mother. Karma KARMA Karma. Facts he is/was on drugs or a dealer. The mother looks like she on something now. Green Beans clearly term used for Lorcets (narotic pain reliever). I understand Dr Phil have to respect all his guest but I feel like he knows the truth and will help bring this scum of the earth to justice. I think is a sad day in the justice system when this scum is allowed to get away with MURDER. Why not take a lie detector because you are GUILTY. To the Tehee family I pray for peace and understanding. My heart breaks esp for Alex’s sister but please do not give up continue to fight for justice for Alex and trust that God will deal the Luceman family. I can not see how you were able to sit so calmly on stage with them when I had to stop watching a few times. I am livid and wish there was something I could do to help convict this MURDER and have him tossed around a jail cell. I am so sorry for your loss RIH Alex

  96. Barbara Reynolds says:

    Just watched a replay of this show on Dr. Phil and wondering if there are any updates to this situation. Thank you and God bless.

  97. wendy says:

    Just saw this episode today! WoW. Are there any new revelations or updates on this since first airing?
    Has Michael Sylvester ever surfaced? That’s just bizarre…. all of it.
    I can’t believe these guilty folks even consented to do the show. Maybe some day their guilty conscience will get the best of them and will come forth with truth. But if not, hate to be any of them on judgement day.

  98. Tootsie says:

    The Loosman family did nothing but make themselves look even more guilty and completely jackassy by going on the Dr. Phil show!

    The guilt, coverup, victimizing of “themselves” in this case was disgraceful and a joke! The Loosmans spent no time (or words) in proving their innocence, all Linda Loosman kept saying was “there’s no proof, there’s no evidence” instead of trying to at least muster up any shred of proof or facts on THEIR end that their son had nothing to do with this very tragic death.

    There was not 1 ounce of empathy, understanding or REMORSE for Alex’s family. Again, not the reaction when you are, in fact, innocent!
    How would Linda Loosman’s feel if this had happened to HER child?
    As a parent, how can she COVER UP a crime HER child blatantly commited and in doing so, completely deny the Teehee family the justice and closure they deserve?

    There is no double jeopardy here as Rob Loosman was never tried for this murder.
    A good thing since it brings hope that if/when more physical evidence and witnesses can be brought into light, Rob Loosman CAN STILL BE TRIED!
    I’ve seen many cases where years go by and the guilty finally break down after having to hide, look over their shoulder and live with “themselves” for so long.

    My heart goes out to the Teehee family!
    Keep fighting and hold on to hope that justice will be found for your family!
    – xox -

  99. Tracy says:


  100. Kasey Franklin says:

    I just watched a rerun of this show that I had on my DVR and I have never been so moved in my life.

    We have new forensics that could, like one person mentioned, examine where the cell phone pings were that night, giving them an exact location of the cell phone. More than likely that cell phone was with Rob when he killed Alex.

    I will pray that you guys get justice. This is a despicable display of our justice system. The prosecutor obviously mishandled this case and it looks like they may have intended to do so or were paid off. Something is fishy all the way around with how this case was handled.

    God Bless. I am very, very sorry for your loss, and I will pray that justice is served for Alex and all of his family members.

  101. Joanne jones says:

    I’m sorry I’ve only just become aware of what happened to Alex in a repeat airing of Dr Phil. My deepest condolences to Alex’s family.
    I pray that justice for Alex will come. It must!
    The Lucemans showed their true colors and anyone could see thru the lies ..the defensiveness ..and just a callous attitude of “poor rob”…they all belong in jail.
    The truth will prevail. Someone will slip up when they put their guard down and tell themselves “they got away with it”. Probably the mother.. She should be ashamed of herself. She’s not a mom. She’s a monster. And a criminal. I notice how the sister and Rob have scattered out of the state. Hmmmm. Sounds like they have something to hide.

  102. Audrey says:

    Has there been any news on the two witnesses? Have they surfaced or been found? My heart goes out to your family, I couldn’t imagine what you have gone through. I pray for the lord to continue to strengthen you and though you may never find the truth (though you know the truth) I pray you have peace.

  103. Amber Reed says:

    I just saw a rerun of the Dr Phil show, I’m praying this little scrawny, sleeked back hair, wanna be thug is rotting away in jail. His mommy and sister need to be right next to him. What a disgusting example of our justice system failing again…please update us! I pray to God that Alex gets justice and his family gets the closure they so much deserve. I cannot imagine what it’s been like living life knowing the person who murdered my brother/son was out living a free life! God bless you all for making it through the years living with this. Ugh…I’m just fuming in anger from looking at that little prick and his mommy defending him. Karma bitches…in this life or the next.

  104. Ryan says:

    Aloha, all the way from Hawaii… I just watched Dr. Phil and feel for your loss. License family is guilty. The daughter was a snob she didn’t need to be there. Did you guys find the others missing? I hope n pray your family gets justice. Aloha

  105. S says:

    Have you thought about reaching out to the show Cold Justice? It just recently came back on the air and might be able to help…I wish you all peace, and justice.

  106. Marlyn Foell says:

    I just watched the replay and have a couple of questions. Why can’t Rob be tried now? The action never went to trial, so how can it be double jeopardy? What is the latest on your case & investigation? I saw a post where Sylvester ended up w/ 19 years for assault of two women—not enough, but like OJ at least a start. I pray for your family and hope you are finding some peace in your lives.

  107. Jennifer says:

    I just watched this on dr Phil obviously a rerun. Has any justice prevailed yet?

  108. Tami says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of Alex. Such a tragedy for all of his friends & family. I just watched the Dr Phil episode. I was hoping when I looked up the case today I would find that, by now, someone was in jail for his murder. That Rob kid is hiding something obviously. And his mother should be ashamed of herself. Covering up/hiding these boys is beyond sick. Praying for justice & sending so much love to your family.

  109. Paul Scheer says:

    I just viewed the rerun of the Dr. Phil show and in my professional opinion the Luceman family is definitely involved in this case. All three of them exhibited physical signs of guilt weather Robert did it or not they definitely have involvement. Robert sitting there nervously drinking his bottle of water and his mother trying to cover for her son you could see the guilt in her eyes and the sister trying to not want to answer any questions straight, they personally all made me sick! My personal belief is that they are guilty as hell! Way to many factors in the case such as the car used, meaning the height of the car, the trauma to his head from being beaten, the witness seeing their car at the scene, the phone messages from there phone The confession from Michael stating that he did it, he ran him over etc, etc, etc. The fact is is that if they had no part in the crime they definitely know who did and they are hiding the truth. My thoughts ” GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY! !! But those are my thoughts and I feel pretty confident that Robert Luce many is guilty and this case needs to be reopened and get justice for the Teehee family because they deserve it and God rest his soul Alex does also. For Alex
    ‘s parents and sister I pray that one day the truth will come out and justice will be served. Shame on anyone in law enforcement covering this crime up and if you are part of the cover up you need to come forward and state the truth and the facts and then turn your badge in for having any part in this because I think that you took an oath when you became a member of law enforcement. Shame on all involved. Robert, you need to come forward with all the truth now because this will haunt you for the rest of your life and then maybe when you go to prison you will finally get a halfway decent night sleep. That is if you even have a conscious. I had to write this because again my thoughts are that all points to you Robert and you personally make me feel sick as well as your family. For the Teehee family I am sorry for your loss and I pray that you can get the justice that you and your son deserve.
    Please someone reopen this case and put Robert where he belongs.

  110. Phil Morris says:

    I just watched Dr. Phil show and for Rob to come out and say he’s sorry I’m sorry but that’s a guilty right there and they need to find those other 2 witness so Rob can rot in a jail for the rest of his life, even during the show Dr Phil would ask him questions and he paused and didn’t know what to say Bc he’s guilty I feel so bad for those 2 sons and the family, Justice will be served sooner than later

  111. Phil Morris says:

    I just watched Dr. Phil show and for Rob to come out and say he’s sorry I’m sorry but that’s a guilty right there and they need to find those other 2 witness so Rob can rot in a jail for the rest of his life, even during the show Dr Phil would ask him questions and he paused and didn’t know what to say Bc he’s guilty I feel so bad for those 2 sons and the family, Justice will be served sooner than later

  112. Pam says:

    I am so sorry for your family’s loss, sounds like someone is covering for someone. All you can do is take comfort in knowing these people WILL MEET THEIR MAKER. I received a poinsettia the other day with the card that directed me to your site. I was a little taken away when the boy handed me the poinsettia sadly my first thoughts were not good and that’s just because of the world we live in today. Thank you for being good people and spreading good…. even if it was just a plant it made MY day and my mom is caring for the poinsettia a much better person for that then me. :)

  113. Marilyn says:

    Just watched a replay of the Dr. Phil episode. I am so sorry for your loss and pray that you don’t give up. I have lost a sister and a daughter. If they had died in that way, I would like to think I would do the same. My prayers are with your family.

    My question is that isn’t it contempt of court not to show up if you’ve been served papers to do so? They could find these witnesses and at least arrest them for that and get a chance to have them talk.

  114. Sharon Paine says:

    I am sorry for your loss. It was very thoughtful of you to celebrate your son’s birthday and to make my birthday brighter. I do not live near my children or grandchildren, but I so tell them that I love them when we talk. I think this is very important, also. Again, thanks for the cake even though your words and thoughts brought a tear to my eye.

  115. Victoria M Auvil says:

    First of all I would like to tell you how sorry I am about your sweet Alex and have said a prayer for him at church. Living in North Port, I do remember the story and again let me express what an unexpected loss. I am a true believer that God has a reason for everything, but sometimes the answers come from tears.
    I also wanted to thank you for paying it forward for a cake at Publix, that we had for two of our wonderful friends birthday’s. I also am a pay forward person, but wanted to reach out and thank you and know that Alex will be in our prayers not just today, but always. Stay strong sometimes we just don’t have the answers, but it’s our faith that makes us believe that we will be all together in Heaven.

  116. admin says:

    What would you like to know?

  117. Lina says:

    Has there been any new evidence found or any new convictions?

  118. Michelle L Boyd says:

    Any arrests in this case as of 2017?

  119. Marlyn Foell says:

    I just watched the replay and have a couple of questions. Why can’t Rob be tried now? The action never went to trial, so how can it be double jeopardy? What is the latest on your case & investigation? I saw a post where Sylvester ended up w/ 19 years for assault of two women—not enough, but like OJ at least a start. I pray for your family and hope you are finding some peace in your lives.

  120. Alex’s family says:

    The corrupt prosecutor says he can’t be tried now but we’ve been told different by other experts. There is no fake excuse why they can’t try tohe other two boys either, and still they don’t. They just wanted this to go away because of the involvement of sheriff department family. Good ol boy favors for the “friend of sheriff”. That’s why Charlotte County wasn’t in charge of the murder investigation. Because they were related to the suspect, so let’s just not make this Murder and let’s drop the charges and the major crimes unit and homicide detectives won’t help the Florida Highway Patrol with their “intentional” hit and run, which FHP asked for felony murder charges on all 3 boys……

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