Justice For Alex

On July 13, 2008, Alex Teehee, a 20 year old father of two, was murdered in Port Charlotte, Florida.  What was initially believed to be a hit & run accident, soon became a heinous intentional act.  A Grand Jury indicted the driver on vehicular homicide and manslaughter.  An arrest was made.   A forensic expert was commissioned to examine the circumstances of Alex’s death………which leads us to where we are today, holding the justice system accountable for protecting the rights of citizens and prosecuting those who violate our rights!


Voice mail death threats, still “new” on Alex’s cell phone, crime scene evidence gathered by the Florida Highway Patrol, medical evidence, witnesses, forensic reports & reconstruction analysis all lead to Alex Teehee receiving a severe beating prior to a vehicle strike, both resulting in severe brain injuries that he succumbed to the next morning.  The Charlotte County prosecutor handling the case ignored the facts and portrayed this crime to the courts as a crime of non-intent. One day before trial, he dropped those charges against the driver, and has not pursued charges against the other two accomplices, one being the caller who left the voice mail death threats, and another message to a friend of Alex’s, “your boy is done”.  Murder is intentional, premeditated.  Don’t death threats show premeditation?  Isn’t crossing the road to strike the victim intentional?


Did the prosecutor change the Medical Examiner & HIghway Patrol rulings that Alex Teehee was struck by a vehicle to “falling from a vehicle” because he wanted an easy trial, an easy conviction? Or did he make this into an accident for another reason? Is there a confllict of interest because one of the suspects has direct family ties to Charlotte County Law Enforcement?  IS JUSTICE BEING DENIED??


What would YOU think if this happened to your loved one?

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13 Responses to Justice For Alex

  1. Lisa Andrews says:

    Alex was son’s best friend. I knew Alex and he seemed like the type of young man that would’t hurt anyone.
    As far as this case is concered, I believe it’s absoluty corrupt. How could the prosecutor just give up like this? I know if it was me, I would feel like someone stabbed me over and over. These people lost a son, brother, father of 2. He raised them before his death. I don’t understand why no one will come forward when there is a reward. The haven’t kep this to themselves, I know it. I’m sick that all 3 get to live free. With everything I heard and read about the case, I’m sick about it. Don Mason was just plain lazy. We need justice for Alex. His parents and siblings and friends want justice. What is wrong here? Oh yeah the family ties with a charlotte county law enforcement officer. What has happened to these innocent people? I don’t have the words to describe how I feel. Let alone how Alex’s family feel. I pray for justice all the time. Please someone speak up.

  2. Nicole Copersino says:

    i love him soo much and i will do ANYTHING u need to help these criminals get what they DESERVE!!!!

  3. Chris says:

    I just want to say to the family of Alex, I applaude you for your drive and perseverance in trying to establish the facts regarding Alex’s death. Today I watched the Dr. Phil show and this was my first knowledge of this case. Admittedly, what I heard on the show and subsequently read on the internet is limited, however, my work experience over the past 40+ years gives me a lot of insight into investigations and the determination of facts and evidence.

    That was a key move to hire an accident reconstructionist, he provided some excellent information. And a good move to go on Dr. Phil’s show which I think added a fair amount of pressure.

    I definitely think there is a conflict in that there is a law enforcement person in the other kids family. Law enforcement people tend to stick together and in some instances it may not matter if its for a right or a wrong reason.

    Keep at it, you will get your answers and justice will be served. My prayers go out to each of you and to Alex’s 2 young sons.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Let me start by saying that when there is a connection with the justice system through family, and if the officials over-seeing the system want to make it go away, or make it stick, they indeed do have the power to do this.
    I have no connection to this story at all. I live in Canada and have only recently became aware of this through watching Dr. Phil. And I already have the gut feeling that Rob Luceman did indeed murder Alex Teehee. The stories the Luceman family have given just sound completely ludicrous and unbelievable.
    The Luceman mother is in complete denial and the family not only look guilty, but also sound it.
    It amazed me how many discrepancies were told and how many unexplained things the Luceman family shied away from discussing.
    Please continue your fight for justice for Alex. Rob Luceman should be accountable for the life he has taken and the damage he has done to your family.

  5. Holly says:

    Absolutely outrageous that nothing has been done about this case . Saw the show on Dr Phil today and you can blatantly see the guilt in the face of the accused and his family . Im infuriated that the justice system is failing Alex and his family . I hope the fundamental morals of our society kick in and someone does what is right !!

  6. JoKay says:

    Please send me an email to jokaydowell@gmail.com so I can respond with some ideas about your situation,
    I I am so, so sorry for the loss of your young man. My husband’s 29-year-old, only son was murdered in OKC when he encountered two gang-bangers out for a thrill, I guess.
    I have some thoughts on your case but don’t want express in a public forum.
    Thank you.

  7. Eric Wynn says:

    I am saddened by this horrible tragedy. What gives me hope and some sense of justice is watching a family desperately denying their son’s involvement, the hiding of the witnesses and, the credible deniability that they lack as they lie lie and lie some more about this terrible situation. Its shameful.

  8. Jewell says:

    Too sad. I hope justice will be served and the victim’s family will be able to have some closure. My heart goes out to them.

  9. Robin Taylor says:

    To the family of Alex Teehee,
    I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I watched the 3 of you on Dr. Phil today and I was shocked at what I was hearing. As a mother, I cannot imagine what you guys, the parents, are going through. To have to know every detail of what happened to your son has got to be the most awful hell anyone could go through. As someone’s sister, I cannot imagine knowing that those things happened to my brother. I hurt for all of you.
    But I want to tell you something that I am hoping will give all of you just a little comfort. Several years ago I was in church with my mother. A young man was asked to go to the pulpit to tell his story. This was his story…
    I was awakened in the night by a sound I did not recognize. I went downstairs to investigate and was met by a man burglarizing my home. When he saw me he came at me with a knife. He began stabbing me but I did not feel it. Suddenly I was above the scene as if I were floating in the air. I felt so much love and warmth that I had never experienced before. I looked down and could see my body fighting the burglar, I could hear my body screaming but I was not there. The next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital.

    I am telling you this man’s story because I truly believe that God is so merciful that when horrible things happen to us He takes us out of the situation to keep us from suffering. I also believe that when it is our time to leave this world, He takes us out before our bodies can feel any pain. This belief has brought me through my father’s death and many other painful times. On 9/11 when the first of the 2 towers fell I dropped to my knees sobbing for those people and what they must be going through at that moment. But God brought the memory of the young man’s story back to my mind and it comforted me. A few days later I went to the grocery store and someone had hung up a picture that was drawn by a child. It was a drawing of a huge Jesus with His arms outstretched, standing high above the towers and all of the people were rising up into His arms.
    I truly believe that God took Alex into His arms before he could feel any pain or know what was happening to him. People may have seen his body fighting and they may have heard his body screaming but…that does not mean he was there. I believe he was already with God. I hope you believe that too and my prayer is that it will comfort you as a family.
    I must say that Alex’s sister ( I did not get your name) did an amazing job on the Dr. Phil show. I think you have fought for justice for your brother more than anyone else. You have been the spokesperson for your family and you are amazing.
    If you never receive justice for Alex on this earth, comfort yourselves in the fact that his killer and the family who knew and lied to protect him will receive justice from God. Also, try to comfort yourselves in knowing that Alex is in Heaven. If you like to read, there are hundreds of books on Near Death Experiences, where people describe going to Heaven and seeing and talking with Jesus or angels. They describe the beauty and a strong feeling of love and warmth that they had never before experienced.
    Please know that I am NOT trying to preach to you. Your story touched my heart and I was only hoping to bring some comfort to the 3 of you.
    Also, I dont know if this will help you in your fight for justice but I did some research online after the Dr. Phil show and below is what I found. Obviously the so called “Law Keepers” in Charlotte County are corrupt. These are the links to the websites I found…

    Arnold D. Levine as federal prosecutor in the United States Attorney’s Office in Tampa prosecuted high profile cases involving public corruption in State Government and cases involving organized fraud against federal agencies.
    Found on http://www.arnoldlevineassoc.com/attorneys.html
    And my personal favorite…http://www.lyingscumbags.com/Gibson_Guitar_Admits_ONGOING_Interstate_Fraud.html

    I really hopes this helps. If there is anything at all that I can do to help please let me know. I signed the petition and I’m going to write to the prosecutor’s office as well.
    Alex and the 3 of you will be in my heart and I will continue to pray for all of you.
    Please take care and know that you have friends praying for all of you.

    Robin Taylor

  10. gittyupgurl1 says:

    i watched today on Dr.Phil and I totally agree there is a cover-up to alex’s death !! i pray to god that someone has enough guts to tell the truth..why wasnt Rob’s father there !! maybe cause he’s a hot head too ! Rob u no something and it will haunt u for the rest of your life !! so just do whats right and deal with like a “MAN” !! come on !

  11. llp says:

    I just learned about this case on the Dr Phil show. I just wanted to give my condolences to Alex’s family and I pray that they get justice for their son. I felt disgusted by the mother of the man who was driving the car that struck Alex. Her complete disregard for the pain of the family who lost their son made me sick. How can you sleep at night knowing that you are hiding killers? The more they tried to defend Rob the more guilty they seemed. I will pray that the truth comes out and that the murderers get punished.

  12. Trace Hunter says:

    This is a miscarriage of justice. How dare they drop the charges and leave this family hanging. Do not stop until you reach the top. Keep fighting!!!!!!!! The family that is aiding in the hiding of the witness or witnesses should be charged with tampering with witnesses and charged accordingly. The entire family of the accused are crazy. They are under a dilution of some kind. I hope the police will review Dr. Phil’s episode. It’s very telling and supports the charges to be pressed against ALL of the Luceman family. Shame on anyone in the Sheriff Dept for protecting a GUILTY Person, family or not. For sure their lies will find you out.

  13. Stamatia Mavrothalassitis says:

    I think that Robert and his family are very defensive in the wrong way no answers just constant bickering you can see there hiding something i feel so sorry for Alex family may your son rest in peace

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