Death Threats

Voice mails left by a suspect on Alex Teehee’s phone

The links below will play voice mails including death threats which were left on Alex Teehee’s phone the night of the killing. They contain very abusive and vulgar language. Please do not listen if you are likely to be offended.

These first two voice mails are very threatening and were recorded about two hours prior to our son’s attack.

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This third voice mail was recorded after the attack on our son. The caller, a suspect who was identified by eye witnesses as being in the vehicle, implies in the message that Alex stole from him and jumped from the car. It is very interesting to note that, despite just having drugs stolen from him, his voice appears calmer than in the first two messages. We believe that this is an obvious attempt to make Alex look responsible for his injuries. We also believe that this recording forms the basis for the prosecuting attorney’s flawed theories.

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10 Responses to Death Threats

  1. D Hollomon says:

    Just saw this story on Dr. Phil, this family is hiding something.Seems like the daughter may be involved with one of the suspects.

    I hope you find justice for your brother, he didn’t this. Never give up, keep fighting for justice. To the Gooseman’s, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! Your son knows what happened and shake on you for not encouraging him to tell the truth!

    • carm says:

      I think that too – I think the daughter is involved with one of the witnesses, she knows something too.

    • Ashley says:

      I agree! I think his sister is actually dating that Mike guy. She jumped to his defense everytime his name was brought up. They are definitely doing it…I would bet A LOT of money on it.
      I think the best point Phil made was “why are you defending a guy who say’s that your son is the killer” Gees, this family dug themselves a deep deep whole and I was loving every moment of it. Justice will BE SERVED! #teamteehee

  2. Tammy says:

    Justice for Alex is a must. I watched the Dr. Phil
    Show and like Dr. Phil I believe they incriminated
    Themselves more by being less than forthcoming
    To questions. If you’ve nothing to hide then a lie
    Detecter test shouldn’t be a problem. My boyfriend
    And I spent a lot of time discussing this case
    After the show. I’m wondering if perhaps Rob
    And his family may be protecting the real person(s)
    Responsible for Alex’s death and have chosen to protect
    Them in fear for the lives of their family. Perhaps
    Rob was there as a passenger and witnessed the
    Events of that night and the party(s) responsible
    Have made threats of harm or simply testafying
    To the fact that that Rob was there, the car is his
    So he was the driver. My thoughts are that anyone
    in that vehicle that night must be found and more
    Intense interviews must be performed. My hopes are
    that the staff and Dr. Phil will stay involved and
    The ones in hiding are found.
    My heart is deeply saddened
    For Alex and his family and my thoughts and prayers
    Are with his family. I do pray they will find justice
    For Alex and can find some closure.
    God Bless and Keep You!

  3. SandraG says:

    I just posted a link on my Twitter Account that if anyone knows anything to man up and grow some balls. I also posted a link to your website to my Facebook page and it is sent on public. One day, someone will come forward. I must say that that lady of the son (she say’s her son didn’t do it). Okay, but if she is taking that stand, she should have brought in that Sylvester guy and ask him “Why would tell the police that my son hit him?” I mean, If I REALLY believe my son is not guilty, man, I’d get that guy on the Dr. Phil show so fast, he wouldn’t know what hit him. I just looks like that lady has something to hide. As if she is very afraid that this man would say the same thing “Yeah, he hit him”. I hope that Sylvester guy is found and may be come day he will grow some balls. And it was proven that the phone calls were made from the mothers’ phone. . .well then. . .wouldn’t that prove that this Sylvester guy is involved. She is protecting him. She AND her son both know exactly where this other guy is. I can see the far in this ladies eyes.

    It is sick how our justice system works and now that Sylvester guy can get away Scott free. If Sylvester didn’t mean what he said, if he really cared for his friend, he better clear up his friends name (Rob) or it will all come down to Rob. All fingers are pointing to Rob’s mother. As far as I’m concerned Rob knows what happened and is scared. He may have not have done something, but he has information and he is very scared.
    Fess up Rob.

  4. Shell says:

    The daughter has got to be involved. I’m willing to almost bet that Rob was at home like his mom said and the daughter was the one driving the car and her boyfriend Michael beat Alex. THERE PROTECTING THE DAUGHTER!

  5. kelly says:

    In digging around further on this story i came across this:

    Im confused as to if the police know where Mike is why they are not doing more to take it to trial. So much doesn’t add up.

  6. Sherree says:

    This episode was just aired in Australia.

    I am absolutely dumbfounded that this family has behaved in a manner in which they have. If & IF they are innocent as they say they are, you would not be hiding & protecting witnesses…. Why have they not Ben charged with at least at this point with witness tampering, aiding & abetting & the once the police have these witnesses they can then interrogate them fully & get to the bottom of it all.

    My god if One of my children was being accused of such an act (& i knew 1million% my child was innocent) by a person/s that I knew I would be dragging these people to the police or giving them all the info they needed to clear his name.

    You hide nothing when you have nothing to hide!!!

    And these people clearly were hiding a mountain of information.

    I wish your family all the best & truly hope you get the answers & the resolve you rightly deserve.

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